[INDOLOGY] Statement Regarding the Murty Classical Library of India

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Unfortunately, given recent turmoil at Harvard, I do not think that the interim provost is likely to treat this as a priority. If those concerned, as many of us are, can organize a letter -writing campaign to the provost’s office, it may at least demonstrate that the issue is not just ignored.

Matthew Kapstein

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> Dear Archana,
> The statement you have shared with us is distressing, for the turmoil it reveals behind the production of this stellar series, so important to all scholars of India and South Asia (not just pre modernists and philologists). While matters resolve themselves between the editors, the translators, the press, the university and the endowment -- amicably and constructively, it is to be hoped -- we would do well to revisit an important prospectus by the founding general editor of the MCLI, Sheldon Pollock, "What should a classical library of India be?"
> https://sheldonpollock.org/archive/pollock_loeb_2020.pdf
> However many volumes have been published in the past decade, they are but the tip of the iceberg. Hoping fervently that all the concerned parties will find a way to continue making available to present and future readers the almost endless riches of India's multilingual textual archive in high quality editions and translations.
> Yours,
> Ananya.
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>> Dear Respected Colleagues,
>> With apologies for cross-posting, please see the attached communication from the former editors of the Murty Classical Library of India.
>> Archana
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