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The Sāmavedic melodies are sung on texts composed on specific Vedic metres. See
Howard, Wayne, 1977. Sāmavedic chant. New Haven: Yale University Press. xxv, 572 pp., 48 ill., 8 tables.

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> What I know from my personal experience is that the same meter is recited with slightly different melodies in different regions, and occasionally the same meter is recited differently in the same region depending upon the context. A good example of this is the meter Śārdūlavikrīdita. It is recited in the region of Maharashtra at least in two different styles in different contexts. There is one style of recitation of verses in this meter that are part of the so called Maṅgalāṣṭaka verses recited during weddings, and a different style in other contexts. One can get a sense of this variation from recordings available on resources like the YouTube. It is not clear to me how one would go about finding traces of such variation in pre-modern periods.
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>> I'm wondering if anyone is aware of any resources related to the history of the simple melodies that are attached to various Sanskrit and Prakrit meters. Is anything known about this? Do we know how old the melodies are, or when or how they originated, or how they have changed over the centuries? Secondary material would be particularly helpful, but if there is any primary material that would be helpful as well. Or simply if anyone knows anything about this or has any thoughts on it, I would be very curious.
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