[INDOLOGY] Last volume of "The Uṇādisūtras" series, ed. T.R. Chintamani?

Jonathan Peterson jp4536 at columbia.edu
Mon Mar 4 01:47:14 UTC 2024

Dear colleagues,

In the first of the brilliant Uṇādisūtras series (no. 7, part 1 of the Madras University Sanskrit Series printed in 1933 and reprinted in 1992 by Navrang), the editor, T.R. Chintamani, mentions that the contested authorship of Ujjvaladatta’s commentary “will be discussed in entirety when we deal with the Uṇādi literature in general in the last part of this series.” After many failed searches in libraries in India and North America, I have never been able to find a final volume devoted to Uṇādi literature more generally. So far as I can tell, the series ends at vol. 6 with Bhoja’s Uṇādisutras and two vṛttis. Navrang, for their part, only reprinted parts 1, 2, 4, and 6 of the series. Does anyone know whether Chintamani finished the series, and if so, where I might find the last volume? 

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