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Dear Colleagues,

Please find below the Jain Studies Unit’s call for proposals for the 2024

Best wishes,

Ana and Greg

*Call for Proposals for November Meeting*

The Jain Studies Unit welcomes suggestions for panel ideas to be included
in the AAR 2024 Call for Papers. If you would like to add your idea to the
CFP, or if you have any questions, please send a short provisional title of
your topic to one (or both) of the Jain Studies co-chairs, Gregory Clines (
gclines at trinity.edu) and/or Ana Bajzelj (abajzelj at ucr.edu). We especially
welcome suggestions for panels to be co-sponsored with other units and for
panels that address the 2024 Annual Meeting’s Presidential Theme:
“Violence, Nonviolence, and the Margin.” Finally, the Jain Studies Unit
encourages proposals to include voices that are diverse in terms of race,
caste, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, age, socioeconomic status,
geographic region, professional rank, and institutional affiliation.

Please note that the Jain Studies Unit only accepts proposals for complete
panels, roundtables, book discussions, etc. and does not accept individual
papers. This is true for both the online Summer Session and the in-person
annual meeting.

The following are proposed panel titles with contact information as of Dec.
11, 2023. If interested, please contact the listed person(s) directly.
Additional panel proposals are welcomed. The Jain Studies Unit exclusively
uses the AAR PAPERS system for all submissions.

   - Between Tradition and Modernity: 20th and 21st Century Jain Mendicant
   Leaders (Lynna Dhanani, lrdhanani at ucdavis.edu)
   - Jainism and Medicine (Eric Villalobos, villalobos at emory.edu
   <eric.villalobos at emory.edu>)
   - Omniscience in Jainism/South Asian Religions (for possible
   co-sponsorship with Hindu Philosophy Unit)
   Gorisse, gorisse at bham.ac.uk <m.gorisse at bham.ac.uk>)
   - Jainism and Consumption in the Diaspora (Jonathan Dickstein,
   jhdickstein at arihantainstitute.org)
   - Spiritual Warriors: Violence and Nonviolence in Jain and Sikh
   Traditions (for possible co-sponsorship with Sikh Studies Unit)
   Khalsa, Nirinjan.Khalsa at lmu.edu; Gregory Clines, gclines at trinity.edu)
   - Exploring the Yaśastilaka (Sasha Restifo, arestifo at fiu.edu)
   - Jain Text Translation Workshop (for possible co-sponsorship with
   Buddhist Philosophy Unit, Hindu Philosophy Unit, and/or Yogācāra Unit)
   Mundra, ammundra at gmail.com)
   - Jain Studies and the Impact of the Work of Alan Babb (M. Whitney
   Kelting, kelting at northeastern.edu <m.kelting at northeastern.edu>)
   - Jains and Relations to the State (David St. John,
   david.c.stjohn at email.ucr.edu)

*Online June Session*
The Jain Studies Unit welcomes proposals for the AAR’s Annual Meeting June
Sessions Online pilot program. This online-only conference will run from
June 25-27, 2024, and panels will be either 60 or 90 minutes long. Panels
can either be proposed for the Summer Session or the in-person annual
meeting, but the same panel cannot be considered for both. The proposal
deadline for both the Summer Session and the in-person meeting are the
same. Please contact Gregory Clines (gclines at trinity.edu) or Ana Bajzelj (
abajzelj at ucr.edu) for more information.
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