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Dear friends,

In a search for information on the symbology of the dove/pigeon in south
Asia and its possible links to shared symbology in other cultures, I came
across some very vague 19th century mentions such as Buckland 1875, Moor
1834 and Walishina 1863. This includes her mention in the Tamil drama, the
Arichandra. Rhemba is a courtesan in Indra's palace who is thought to morph
into Lakṣmī and is linked to Venus (Iśtar, et al.) and Mahādeva, via

The citations above mention that the source of Rhemba is difficult to trace.
Therefore, I'm wondering if anyone might be able to help?
I'm also curious about better understanding whether there is some sort of
distinction / amalgamation of IE/Semitic symbology with Dravidian symbology
of pigeons and doves.

Thank you.

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