[INDOLOGY] Samavedic musical notation

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Dear François, See:

Howard, Wayne, 1977. Sāmavedic  chant. New Haven: Yale University Press. xxv, 572 pp., 48 ill., 8 tables.
Howard, Wayne, 1988. Decipherment of the musical notation of the Jaiminīyas. With a foreword by Asko Parpola. (Studia Orientalia, 63.) Helsinki: Finnish Oriental Society. xv, 330 pp. 
downloadable at https://journal.fi/store/issue/view/3442.  
Falk, Harry, 1993. Die beiden Notationen der sāmavedischen svaras. Berliner Indologische Studien 7: 103-107. 

With best wishes, Asko

> On 27. Jan 2024, at 21.09, François Voegeli via INDOLOGY <indology at list.indology.info> wrote:
> Dear Members of the List,
> Where can I find a good, concise and understandable explanation of the sāmavedic musical notation?
> I found some rather brief or cryptic comments on the matter in Renou's "Inde classique" § 547-548 and Burnell (Introduction to the Ārṣeya Brāhmaṇa, p. xxvi-xxvii), but these are not sufficient for my purpose (which is to give the best possible answer to a student's question).
> This doesn't need to be exhaustive. A good and simple description of the Jaiminīya's way, for example, would be enough.
> Thanks in advance,
> F. Voegeli
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