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Dear colleagues,

Some time ago I read a very good article on titles of Sanskrit works, can't
remember the author... I want to understand why some last members of
compounds change in gender in the titles (e.g. मेघदूतम्, रघुवंशम्,
कुमारसंभवम्, but मेघसन्देशः). Kale in his edition of the MD cites, on the
basis of Bhaṭṭojīdīkṣita and Nāgeśabhaṭṭa, the maxim अभेदोपाचात् "by
identical transference (of the name)", but also suggests compounds like
मेघदूतम् etc. are but bahuvrīhis of the word kāvyam (मेघो दूतो यस्मिन्
काव्ये तत्), which I thought was the case, since the identical transference
maxim doesn't seem to account for the changing of gender (Renou refers to
Candra-vyākaraṇa on the tittle वासवदत्ता -- which I also thought perhaps
could be interpreted as a bahuvrīhi of ākhyāyikā...).

Does anyone have have good references on the subject?

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