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Dear David,

The manuscript is Kaiser Library ms 143 (NGMPP C 14/20). A catalogue entry
can be found here:
Unfortunately I do not have images of this manuscript at my disposal.

Best regard,

-- Ryan

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> Of the two known surviving Sanskrit manuscripts of the
> *Sarvatathāgatatattvasaṃgraha*, one has been published in facsimile by
> Lokesh Chandra and David Snellgrove in 1981. The other one is said to be
> written in late Gupta characters, and was in the collection of General
> Kesar Sham Sher Jang in 1932 when Giuseppe Tucci announced the discovery of
> it (*Indo-Tibetica*, vol. 1, p. 93). That collection should now be part
> of the Nepal National Archives, Kathmandu, and it would have been
> microfilmed by the Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project. However, I
> was unable to find it listed in the catalogue of the Nepalese-German
> Manuscript Cataloging Project. Does anyone have any more information about
> this manuscript, or a microfilm or scans of it (or even a microfilm or
> scans of the devanāgarī transcript of it that Tucci obtained, and that
> was used by Horiuchi for his edition)?
> J. W. de Jong, in his 1977 review (*Indo-Iranian Journal*, vol. 19, pp.
> 125-127) of Horiuchi's 1974 edition of the second part of this text, says
> he checked Nagao's 1963 list of the Buddhist manuscripts in the collection
> of Field Marshall Kaiser. As reported by de Jong, this list does not
> mention the *Sarvatathāgatatattvasaṃgraha*, and the only manuscript there
> described as written in Gupta characters is entitled
> *Sarvakula-tatvasiddhi-vidhi-vistara-tantra*. I have also searched the catalogue
> of the Nepalese-German Manuscript Cataloging Project under that title,
> with no results.
> Best regards,
> David Reigle
> Colorado, U.S.A.
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