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Of the two known surviving Sanskrit manuscripts of the
*Sarvatathāgatatattvasaṃgraha*, one has been published in facsimile by
Lokesh Chandra and David Snellgrove in 1981. The other one is said to be
written in late Gupta characters, and was in the collection of General
Kesar Sham Sher Jang in 1932 when Giuseppe Tucci announced the discovery of
it (*Indo-Tibetica*, vol. 1, p. 93). That collection should now be part of
the Nepal National Archives, Kathmandu, and it would have been microfilmed
by the Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project. However, I was unable
to find it listed in the catalogue of the Nepalese-German Manuscript
Cataloging Project. Does anyone have any more information about this
manuscript, or a microfilm or scans of it (or even a microfilm or scans of
the devanāgarī transcript of it that Tucci obtained, and that was used by
Horiuchi for his edition)?

J. W. de Jong, in his 1977 review (*Indo-Iranian Journal*, vol. 19, pp.
125-127) of Horiuchi's 1974 edition of the second part of this text, says
he checked Nagao's 1963 list of the Buddhist manuscripts in the collection
of Field Marshall Kaiser. As reported by de Jong, this list does not
mention the *Sarvatathāgatatattvasaṃgraha*, and the only manuscript there
described as written in Gupta characters is entitled
*Sarvakula-tatvasiddhi-vidhi-vistara-tantra*. I have also searched the
of the Nepalese-German Manuscript Cataloging Project under that title, with
no results.

Best regards,

David Reigle
Colorado, U.S.A.
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