[INDOLOGY] seeking digitally-searchable Maitrī Upaniṣad

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Maybe a short anecdotal remark: I remember speaking with Prof Tokunaga in
his office in around 1990, then about his input of the MBh. It was not the
text per se that he felt contained his work; he did not want to share his
input since his manner of inputting was to attach grammatical
identifications --tagging, we would call it now, at least (I don't remember
if that word was used then)--and he felt that these were his note cards, so
to speak. I recall once on another occasion asking him about the occurrence
of some compound with a ppp as the second member, and within seconds he
could give me a list of such occurrences in the MBh. So of course now that
he is no more the question may be moot, but in any event I did not have the
impression that it was the typed input per se that he was concerned about.
But while on the topic, I wonder what happened to the files that he had so
diligently analyzed...


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> The requested text seems not to be available there.
> I have on my computer a file for Thirteen Principal Upaniṣads, including
> the requested text, typed by the late Muneo Tokunaga in 1989. It contains
> the phrase "The copyright of this text belongs to M.T. Duplication of the
> text allowed only under agreement." But since he has generously made public
> so many other e-texts, I suppose he wouldn't have minded this one being
> shared. So here it is. The transcription scheme has not yet been normalized
> but I am sure some clever colleague can help with this.
> May I go off topic and ask if anyone knows whether there is any hope that
> GRETIL can become active again, or whether some alternative cumulative
> repository can be set up? Olliver Hellwig's recent announcement of an
> e-text on his own github platform shows that we really need a
> community-based solution.
> Best wishes,
> Arlo Griffiths
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> You could try this link perhaps:
> https://gretil.sub.uni-goettingen.de/gretil.html#Upan
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> Dear all,
> I am looking for a digitally-searchable version of the Maitrī Upaniṣad,
> aka Maitrāyaṇīya, etc. Does anyone have any leads?
> With thanks,
> Cicely Bonnin
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