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Thanks for your reaction Asko.

Of course I was not intending to imply that the collection would be particularly relevant for Vedic studies. Its real wealth probably lies in other philological domains. That said, yes, indeed, the recurrence of Kāṇvasaṁhitā manuscripts is noteworthy. Besides those items, to the extent the listed titles are reflective of the actual contents of the manuscripts, there does seem to be a bit more for the Vedic scholar. In fact I had been thinking of you when noticing titles with 'Kauthuma', 'Sama Vediya', 'Sam Veda', 'Sam Vediaya'. To my knowledge, the Sāmavedic tradition of Orissa/Odisha has not been studied at all. The same can probably be said for most of the other textual traditions represented in this collection.

Best wishes,


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Dear Arlo,

Many thanks for the images of Mishra 1987, and the manuscript catalogue of the Prof. N. K. Sahu Museum.
I glanced through the catalogue, and noted a good number of manuscripts of the Kāṇva Saṁhitā, but hardly any other Vedic texts / only a couple of Paddhatis.

With best wishes, Asko

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Dear colleagues,

Just back from a nice visit to Sambalpur University, I would like to share the pdf of the list of ca. 2000 palm-leaf mss. collected and kept there in the N.K. Sahu Museum that is part of the Dept. of History. Maybe Dominik would like to add this item to his list of catalogs. Evidently, there is a need for a more rigorous description of this collection.

I also attach pictures of front page and bibliographic data of a 1987 publication dedicated to an illustrated (Oriya) Bhāgavata-purāṇa ms. in this collection.

I hope this is useful for some members of the list.

Best wishes,

Arlo Griffiths

<Mishra1987_1.jpg><Mishra1987_2.jpg><Final Palm leaf for Print.pdf>
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