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Fri Feb 9 19:26:37 UTC 2024

Dear Colleagues,

The Dharma Academy of North America (DĀNAM) invites you to consider
submitting a proposal for the annual meeting partially co-current with the
2024 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion in San Diego,

Navigating Conflict and Chaos: Text, Theory, and Practice

The DĀNAM Steering Committee invites proposals for three separate panels of
four papers each on ethics as it relates to order and disorder, and for one
book review panel. Papers are invited to reflect on resources on method and
ontology in *dharma* resources according to the Presidential Theme for the
2024 AAR Annual Meetings, “Violence, Nonviolence, and the Margin.” The
content can be from philosophy, theology, psychology, anthropology,
mythology, and the arts using forms of textual analysis, and engage with
the theme at various levels of being such as material, mental, bodily,
social-political, cosmological, and spiritual. Panels may cover peace, war,
and other states in:


   ethical and political dimensions of Hindu epics;

   psycho-physical, emotional, and experiential dimensions of Jain and
   Buddhist yoga;

   and social and anthropological dimensions of Sikh sources.


Jonathan Edelmann, Steering Committee Chair

Veena Howard, Steering Committee Vice Chair
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