[INDOLOGY] Frits Staal on the sameness of Vedic recitation

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It is there:


I also added there a link to the article:

Frits Staal, ‘Nambudiri Veda Recitation: After Half a Century’, 
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies 22.2 (2015), DOI: 


On 11.02.2024 23:23, David and Nancy Reigle via INDOLOGY wrote:
> It is often said the pronunciation of the Vedas in Vedic recitation in 
> all parts of India, despite widely different local vernaculars, is the 
> same. This statement is attributed to Frits Staal. The idea is that he 
> made recordings of Vedic recitation in widely different parts of India 
> and found this to be true. As part of the same statement he apparently 
> said that the Vedas are the closest thing we have to a 3000-year-old 
> audio recording. Does anyone know where he made this statement?
> I have not found it in his monumental 1983 book, /Agni: The Vedic Ritual 
> of the Fire Altar/, nor in his more popular 2008 book, /Discovering the 
> Vedas/. I thought it might be in his 1961 book, /Nambudiri Veda 
> Recitation,/ but I did not find it there, either. Incidentally, when I 
> could not at first find my copy of this book, I searched the web for 
> it, but did not find a digital copy. So when I later found my copy, I 
> scanned it, and I will ask our digital expert Lubomir Ondračka to upload 
> it to archive.org <http://archive.org>.
> Best regards,
> David Reigle
> Colorado, U.S.A.
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