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Thank you for sharing the announcement, Prof. Houben.
As a colleague, collaborator and friend, I also wanted toacknowledge the passing of Michel Angot. It took me a while to put pen to paperas Michel’s departure was so sudden and unexpected – he taught and studieduntil the day before his death. Standing one moment and gone the next. A memento mori for all hisentourage and a clean, elegant departure for him. Surely what he would havewished, but arguably tough for those who are left behind. 

I attended quite a few of Michel’s courses on Sanskrit grammar andtexts over at least 10 years and found them thought provoking, enlightening andextremely informative. He was a through and through philologist and linguist, and a real all-rounderudite scholar of both ‘Eastern’ and ‘Western’ history and thought forms. Butmost of all he was a deep knower of Sanskrit grammar - an ocean into which he swamenthusiastically and with ease - while he also conversed and cross-linked easilywith many other domains of Sanskrit thought, poetry, prosody, literature, philosophyand science. He was an eminent representative of Brahminical-orientedapproaches to knowledge, and something of an intransigent hard-liner about it, atrait which some of his colleagues and also some of his students founddifficult to take at times. 

I was privileged to collaborate with Michel in organising twolong residential courses in 2022 (on the Yogasūtra) and in 2023 (on the thoughtof Nāgārjuna), which as things turned out will represent a major part of hisperson-to-person intellectual legacy, whereas his abundant written productionwill remain for all to enjoy and learn from. He is survived by his wonderfulwife and life partner Michelle and by his daughter.
Michel Angot’s site, recommended by Prof. Houben, has sincebeen taken down. I imagine it will be updated and republished in some form at some point.Some very out of date information on his work may be found here, and those whoknow French may find this relatively recent interview of interest.
Elizabeth De Michelis(formerly Universities of Oxford and Cambridge)

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Dear Jan,
Thank you for taking the time to convey this sad news to us. I never met Prof. Angot, but I was very  glad to have discovered his excellent and encyclopedic book, Le sanscrit commentarial, shortly after it appeared. I am very sorry to hear of his passing.
Cordially yours,
 On 4/12/24 06:36, Jan E.M. Houben via INDOLOGY wrote:
  Dear All,  
  I just received information that the French Sanskrit and Vedic scholar Michel Angot passed away in his home town on 8 April 2024 at the age of 75 (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Angot). A number of his important publications are listed on his own website (https://www.michelangot.com/), which also mentions several other ones still under preparation.  Condolences to his family and to his numerous students in France and world wide, who will always remember him for his enthusiastic and inspiring teaching and lecturing, including in the domain of theoretical and practical aspects of Vedic recitation.  
  Jan Houben -- 
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