[INDOLOGY] 2nd Young Researchers' Indo-Persian Workshop -- Program

Fabrizio Speziale spezialef at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 9 07:48:06 UTC 2024

 Dear all,

We are happy to announce this year's Young Researchers' Indo-Persian Workshop : Writing in the Indo-Persian World. Attached to this email is the program and abstracts of the participants of this year's edition. The workshop will be held both in online and in presence at the Campus La Vieille Charité, in Marseille (France). A full detailed program will be coming soon with the exact timetable. 
Writing in the Indo-Persian world

The practice of writing is an essential one in South Asian history, one that perhaps goes back to the very first civilization found therein, the Indus Valley Civilization. Over the centuries, the technical, economic, social and the cultural shifts brought about by the inclusion of South Asia in the Persianate and Islamicate cosmopolises has had profound impact on South Asian writing. From scriptural change to material cultural evolution, from palmleaf manuscripts in brahmi-derived scripts to Persian texts on bound paper, the story of writing in South Asia is a pregnant one, with a lasting impact to this day. A reflection on the practice of writing in South Asia goes beyond the linguistic aspect of it all but rather brings into the light important questions such as the readership and the economy behind book exchange and production. Furthermore, when considering the Persian language, such a reflection puts to the fore an important yet often neglected fact: that South Asian readership and textual production in Persian largely outweighed the Iranian.

Writing does not exist in a vacuum: manuscripts, and especially manuscripts produced for the elite, are often decorated and illustrated. A reflection on writing will therefore necessarily also cover topics such as calligraphy, illumination, bookbinding, paper-production as well as the data contained in manuscripts in and around the text, mobilizing disciplines such as palaeography, codicology, and diplomatics.

Registration and Participation: Please kindly let us know if you wish to attend by filling the following Google Form, and indicating if you will be attending online or in presence. This allows us to plan for seats and catering. https://forms.gle/9QZk92YATLE2PEHQ6

This is the link for online attendance : https://bbb.ehess.fr/b/raf-iri-zcu-2hs

Raffaello De Léon-Jones Diani
Doctorant à l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) - Centre d’Études Sud Asiatiques et Himalayennes (CESAH)

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