Oliver Hellwig hellwig7 at gmx.de
Thu Apr 4 08:36:07 UTC 2024

Dear all,

on GRETIL, there is a version of the AsvSS which has Sandhis partially
resolved, but does not differentiate between Sandhi splits, compound
splits and word breaks (making it difficult to reconstruct the original
text), like this:

darśa.pūrṇa.māsayor.haviḥṣv.āsanneṣu.hotā ...

My question: Does anybody have a digital version of this text without
this issue and would be ready to share it? This given line should like
darśapūrṇamāsayor haviḥṣv āsanneṣu hotā or similar.

Best, Oliver


Oliver Hellwig, IVS Zürich

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