[INDOLOGY] Siddhāntasārāvali added to the Muktabodha digital library

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Wed Apr 3 22:11:27 UTC 2024

Dear list members,
Siddhāntasārāvali with the commentary of Anantaśambhu has been added to the
Muktabodha digital library.
Description by Deviprasad Misra:
The Siddhāntasārāvali authored by Trilocanaśivācārya in 12th-century Tamil
Nadu, is a cornerstone in the realm of Śaiva philosophy. It offers a
comprehensive overview of the intricate doctrines of the Śaiva Siddhānta
tradition. Anantaśambhu's exposition (vyākhyā) written possibly around the
14th century quotes from a wide-range of sources and is structured into
four sections, or Pādas—Kriyā, Caryā, Yōga, and Jñāna—mirroring the
foundational texts of Śaiva-mūlāgama-s.

The etext was produced by the staff of the Institut Francais de Pondichery
under the direction of Dr. Deviprasad Mishra. The funding was provided by
Muktabodha, India.

The direct link to the Muktabodha digital library is:

The original manuscript can be viewed in the IFP manuscript database by
entering the manuscript number 30687. The link to the IFP manuscript
database is: https://www.ifpindia.org/digitaldb/online/manuscripts/login.php
Thank you,
Harry Spier
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