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Bruno Lo Turco bruno.loturco at uniroma1.it
Mon May 22 13:31:00 UTC 2023

Tantra Workshop: Exploring the Latest Developments in Tantric Studies

Dear List Members,
Join us on the *24th and 25th of May* at the Italian Institute of Oriental
Studies, Sapienza University of Rome, for the *Tantra Workshop*. This event
will showcase the most recent advancements in research, featuring prominent
scholars specializing in South Asian tantric traditions.

Here's the schedule of activities:

*May 24th, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM *UTC+1 *(in-person only)*
Location: Room 103, Marco Polo Building, Circ.ne Tiburtina 4, 00185 Rome
Roundtable discussion with *Annette Hornbacher* (Universität
Heidelberg), *William
S. Sax* (Universität Heidelberg), and *David Gordon White* (Distinguished
Emeritus Professor, University of California Santa Barbara).
Discussant: *Aleksandra
Bozena Wenta* (University of Florence). Scientific organization: *Carmela
Mastrangelo*, ISO Sapienza University of Rome (
carmela.mastrangelo at uniroma1.it); *Davide Torri*, SARAS Sapienza University
of Rome (davide.torri at uniroma1.it).

*May 25th, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM *UTC+1
Location: Lab 2, Marco Polo Building, Circ.ne Tiburtina 4, 00185 Rome
*David Gordon White* will deliver a lecture on "Goddess-Trees in the Forest
of Bliss: Tree Worship in Vārāṇasī and Greater India (200 BCE – 2000 CE)"
as part of the doctoral course on Asian and African Civilizations. *Remote
attendance* link: https://meet.google.com/spb-wjpm-gec.

*May 25th, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM *UTC+1
Location: Aula di etnologia Ernesto De Martino, Lettere Building, Piazzale
Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Rome
*William S. Sax* will deliver a lecture on "Embodying Evil? Demonic
Possession in Hinduism and Islam" as part of the doctoral course on
History, Anthropology, and Religions. *Remote attendance *link:

For more information, please contact *Carmela Mastrangelo* at
carmela.mastrangelo at uniroma1.it or *Davide Torri* at
davide.torri at uniroma1.it.

Best wishes,

Bruno Lo Turco
Professore associato L-OR/17 – Filosofie e religioni dell'India e dell'Asia
Istituto Italiano di Studi Orientali
Sapienza Università di Roma
Circonv. Tiburtina 4
00185 Roma, Italy

tel. + 39 06 88378046
bruno.loturco at uniroma1.it
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