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Dear Professor Tieken, 

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Dr. P. Pandiyaraja has been creating a wonderful magnificent concordance for Tamil literary texts, where you can find the whole text for cīvakacintāmaṇi. 

Here are links that might be useful for your search: 
http://tamilconcordance.in/index.html <http://tamilconcordance.in/index.html> (Introduction) 
http://tamilconcordance.in/concordance_list-B.html <http://tamilconcordance.in/concordance_list-B.html> 
http://tamilconcordance.in/table-CINTH-text.html <http://tamilconcordance.in/table-CINTH-text.html> 

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> Dear List members,
> I am looking for the text of stanza 2054 of the Cīvakacintāmaṇi (Kaḻaka vel̥iyīṭu, reprint 1967). Of this text I have only the first part (1-1556) and I could not find the second part on the Madurai Project. Maybe I did not look properly. In any case, I cannot believe the second part is not available there. I hope someone on the list will be able to tell me where I might find the second part.
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