[INDOLOGY] Sources on the various triads of Śiva's triśūla?

Mark McLaughlin markasha at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 20:55:17 UTC 2023

Dear Colleagues,

With apologies for cross posting, I am looking for textual sources on the
various triads embodied by Śiva's triśūla. I have Sanderson's article on
the *triśūlābjamaṇḍalam*, which has been helpful in relation to the triads
of *icchā, jñāna, kriyā śakti*s and *parā, parāparā, aparā, *but I am
having difficulty tracking down sources for the other common associations.
Below are the triads I am most interested in, yet I am open to any others
(and there are many):

   - *triloka*
   - *trimūrti*
   - *triguṇa*
   - *iḍā, piṅgala, suṣumṇā*
   - waking, dreaming, deep sleep.

Many thanks for any leads you can provide!

All best,

Mark McLaughlin, PhD
*Senior Lecturer of South Asian Religions*

*Department of Religious StudiesWilliam & MaryWilliamsburg, VA*
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