[INDOLOGY] Pūrva-pakṣa

Howard Resnick hr at ivs.edu
Wed Jan 4 12:33:45 UTC 2023

Dear Scholars,

Some friends of mine plan to publish a journal on Vaiṣṇava polemics and apologetics, both internal and external, and they want to name the journal Pūrva-pakṣa, which MW renders as "the first objection to an assertion in any discussion, the prima facie view or argument in any question.”

Since these scholars want to refute, or at least problematize, philosophical and theological objections to their own traditional doctrines, I thought the title inappropriate. My view has been that pūrva-pakṣa simply refers to a view or argument that one hopes to refute. It does not refer both to the opposing view, and also to one’s refutation of that view.

Have I understood this correctly?

Many thanks,

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