[INDOLOGY] Kerala Veda Maṭha at Trissur

Witzel, Michael witzel at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Feb 26 01:34:30 UTC 2023

Dear All,
I transmit this message for a colleague, T.P. Mahadevan (Howard U.) who is not a member.

2 brief attachments about Dr. Olga Novick and Professor Nilakandan and about the renovated Trissur Mathom.
The first is a brief report about the Trissur Brahmasva Maṭhom and its new manuscriptological facility under Dr. Olga Novick of Hamburg University.  The whole new effort is under the over-all direction and planning of Dr. Nilakandan.

The second item is a brochure about the fully renovated Brahmasva Maṭhom as a research center in different fields of Indology, with several Ph.D-level investigations are going on—all under the direction of Professor  Nilakandan, formerly of the Kālaḍi Śaṅkarāchārya Sanskrit University

Michael Witzel

Wales Research Prof. of Sanskrit (= Emeritus), Dept. of South Asian Studies, 1 Bow Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

witzel at fas.harvard.edu
Residence: Yokohama, Japan

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