[INDOLOGY] pināka meaning triśūla of Śiva

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Tue Feb 14 15:49:42 UTC 2023

Dear list members,
1) Both Monier-Williams and Apte define pināka as the bow or staff of Shiva
but then they both also define it as the trident of Shiva. Though M-W notes
the meaning is from the lexicographers and I suspect he is refering to this
note in Bohtlink-Roth. Nach den Lexicographen ist pināka m. n. = śūla ( Ak.
3, 4, 1, 14 ), = śaṃkarasya śūlam Bhar. zu Ak. Śkdr. = triśūla H. an. 3,
65. Med. k. 119.

1. Can someone clarify the abreviations in the above quote. I'm not a
german speaker.

2. Does anyone know any textual references to pināka meaning triśūla of

I also found this on-line definition in wisdomlib
Pīnāka was formerly the three-forked spike of Śiva. Once it fell down from
the hands of Śiva and on falling down took the shape of a bow. From then
onwards it was used as a bow.

Does anyone know the textual source for this story.

Harry Spier
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