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Dear list members,

it is a pleasure to announce the publication of

Michael Witzel,
Selected Articles on the History of Ancient India. Ausgewählte Kleine
Schriften zur Geschichte des Alten Indien.
Halle (Saale): Universitätsverlag Halle-Wittenberg, 1st edition, 2023, 932
Hardback edition. ISBN 978-3-86977-255-4.

This is a collection of articles, originally selected by Prof. Zhen Liu of
Fudan University and to be published in their series. However, the plan
fell through as Chinese censors demanded a full translation of the book
into Chinese. As the title says, this is a partial selection of M.Witzel’s
writings on Vedic, Old Indian, and Nepalese history, from a discussion of
the Ṛgveda up to recent reactions to the writing of Indian history as such.
Nevertheless even this selection indicates how the subject has developed
and expanded over the past fifty years, with increasing stress put on
archaeology, and now also on human genetics. The now emerging combination
of philology, linguistics, archaeology and genetics is most promising for
the development of the field. It has enabled historians to reach
increasingly finegrained results in describing and reconstructing the early
stages of Indian history.

Until December 15, the book can be ordered at the* reduced prize of 175,-*
*€* (regular prize 198,-€) only directly from the publisher via the QR code
on the attached pdf or the attached formula. People who have a follow-up
order via a bookstore or the publisher will also receive the book at the
reduced price.

>From December 16, the book can be ordered from the publisher (
https://uvhw.de) or bookstores for the regular prize.

If you have any questions or problems, please, contact me.

With best wishes,

Petra Kieffer-Pülz


Dr. Petra Kieffer-Pülz

Email: kiepue at t-online.de
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