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Dear List members,
Some of you might be interested in the job announcement below and in 
attachment (circulated on behalf of my colleague at TSLAS).
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Dear Friends/colleagues

Please help circulate among those who would be interested in this 

Thapar Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (TSLAS) inaugurated its 
first semester in August 2020. We are in the early phase of building a 
world-class research and teaching space in all major areas of 
Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences, including interdisciplinary 
areas. The school is currently open for applications from qualified 
candidates for the position of Assistant Professor in any area of Indian 
literary, intellectual, and cultural history, preferably in 
classical/medieval/early modern Indian literature and culture. An 
advanced-level training in one of the Indian classical or medieval 
languages — Sanskrit/Prakrit/Apbhramsha/Persian, or any of the medieval 
regional/vernacular languages — and demonstrated use of the acquired 
linguistic skills is desired for such positions.

  The minimum qualification for the position of Assistant Professor is 
PhD; however a PhD candidate expecting the degree in the near future is 
also welcome to apply. We will also consider applications from 
candidates with a strong proven record of high-quality research work for 
senior positions of Associate and full Professors. Our remuneration 
packages are highly competitive. Please send your detailed CV and two 
recent research papers along with a letter of application to 
ajit.sinha at thapar.edu <mailto:ajit.sinha at thapar.edu> with a CC. to 
lav.sharma at thapar.edu <mailto:lav.sharma at thapar.edu>

Desirable areas of research/expertise fields:

·The formation and development of intellectual, religious, and 
scientific/technical knowledge traditions/practices in 
classical/medieval/early modern South Asia

·Social history of the formation of social and religious identities in 
classical/medieval/early modern India

·Aesthetic, philosophical, and political cultures in 
classical/medieval/early modern India

·Formation of languages and literary cultures in 
classical/medieval/early modern South Asia

·Rise and turn in jurisprudential cultures, and the nature of political 
authority in classical/medieval/early modern South Asia

·Making and growth of textual, visual, and performing arts cultures

·Military culture, war technology, and the making of political authority
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