[INDOLOGY] New publication from Vienna: Steinkellner, English translation of Hetubindu

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Tue Nov 22 17:27:04 UTC 2022

Dear colleagues,

it is my great pleasure to inform you of a new publication from Vienna:

Ernst Steinkellner, "A Splash of the Logical Reason : Dharmakīrti's 
Hetubindu Translated". Austrian Academy of Sciences Press,

This volume provides the first modern translation of the recently found 
original Sanskrit text of Dharmakīrti’s Hetubindu (ca. 600 CE), the 
first Indian work of pure logic. The concise definitions and 
explanations of the central terms are enriched by several extensive 
digressions, such as on the pervasion (vyāpti) in the proof of 
momentariness of entities, with his conceptions of causality, and on the 
nature of non-perception or negative cognition (anupalabdhi), as well as 
by the supplement of a refutation of Īśvarasena’s theorem of six 
characteristics for a logical reason (ṣallakṣaṇahetu). The translation 
aims at making the content available to specialists in Indian 
epistemology and also to philosophers and logicians in general who have 
no knowledge of classical Sanskrit. It is provided with a short 
introduction and a detailed structural outline.

The volume is available in print and Open Access:


With best regards,

Birgit Kellner

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