[INDOLOGY] Logic in the Religions of South Asia

Piotr Balcerowicz piotrbalcerowicz1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 22:40:54 UTC 2022

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of both the editors, I am happy to announce the publication of
the special issue:

   *Logic in the Religions of South Asia*, Issue Editors: Piotr Balcerowicz
   & Brendan S. Gillon, Special Issue of *Journal of Indian Philosophy* 50,5
   (2022) 771–888 [ISSN 0022-1791]. ⟨url:

The studies in this volume are the proceedings of the second edition of the
World Congress on Logic and Religion held in Warsaw in 2017.

With best regards,

Piotr Balcerowicz
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