[INDOLOGY] descriptions of fortified towns in the epics

Martin Straube straubem at staff.uni-marburg.de
Fri Mar 18 08:57:06 UTC 2022

Dear Herman,

D. Schlingloff, Fortified Cities of Ancient India, London 2014  
(English translation of "Die altindische Stadt", Mainz 1969) is  
certainly worth trying.

With best wishes

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> Dear List members,
> In an article I am writing I want to refer to descriptions of  
> fortified towns in the epics. The only publication specifically  
> dealing with such descriptions that I know of and have at home is  
> J.K. de Cock, Eene oudindsiche stad volgens het epos (Groningen  
> 1899). .I do not think that a reference to this book is useful in an  
> English publication. Are there other books or articles about  
> descriptions (not archaeological finds) of fortified towns in the  
> epics (Shonaleeka Kaul deals mainly with Kāvya)?
> With kind regards, Herman

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