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from a paper by Oskar von Hinüber, probably this is what you were after,
and some additonal references (ass simply copy pasted from von Hinüber)

Gérard Fussman: Dans quel type de bâtiment furent trouvés les manuscrits de
Gilgit? Journal Asiatique 292. 2004, p. 101-150; Gregory Schopen: On the
absence of Urtext and Otiose Ācāryas: Books, Buildings, and Lay Buddhist
Ritual at Gilgit, in: Gérard Colas et Gerdi Gerschheimer (Édd.): Écrire et
transmettre en Inde classique. (École française d’Extrême-Orient. Études
thématiques 23) Paris 2009 [rev.: Jean-Pierre Filliozat, Académie des
Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. Comptes rendus des séances de l’année 2009
[2011], p. 1754-1760; L. Rocher, Journal of the American Oriental Society
131. 2011, p. 133-135; O.v. Hinüber, Zeitschrift der Deutschen
Morgenländischen Gesellschaft (in press)], p. 189-219. For more details see
also O.v. Hinüber: The Gilgit Manuscripts. An Ancient Buddhist Library in
Modern Research: Introduction (in press). — Images from Gandhāra showing
the type of a building as reconstructed by G. Fussman can be seen in Isao
Kurita: Gandharan Art.Vol. I. Tokyo 22003, p. 260f. and in Giuseppe de
Marco: The stūpa as a funerary monument. New iconographic evidence. East
and West New Series 37. 1987, p. 191-246, particularly p. 203 fig. 6 with
p. 202 note 23: The image reproduced by de Marco was seen in the market at
Karachi in 1974. The present whereabouts of the piece seem to be unknown.


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> Dear Christian,
> I recall that Gerard Fussmann had some interesting reflections on the
> Gilgit manuscripts in this respect, but I cannot locate the reference just
> now. Perhaps if this jogs the memory of someone else on the list, it can be
> located.
> I do hope that you post the results of this query to the list as a whole -
> it is a most important topic.
> best regards,
> Matthew
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> Dear Friends and Colleagues,
> on behalf of an MA student I would like to ask whether you can recommend
> literature on ancient Indian libraries and archives, their organisation,
> structure, storage etc. in courts, monasteries and in private.
> Thanks in advance,
> Christian Ferstl
> University of Vienna
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