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Westin Harris wlharris at ucdavis.edu
Fri Jan 7 22:21:20 UTC 2022

Greetings Indologists,

Happy new year.

Does anyone know where the microfilm of the so-called Shamsher Manuscript (alternative titles: Sham Shere Manuscript, Amansikārakrama, or Amanasikārāmnaya) is presently held?

Citations in secondary sources suggest that it was originally catalogued as MB II-144 in the collection of the now-defunct Institute for the Advanced Study of World Religions at Stony Brook University, NY. The librarian at Stony Brook said the IASWR collection was donated to the Woo Ju Memorial Library in the early 1990s. In turn, the representative of the Woo Ju library said that they transferred the IASWR collection to UVA in 2006. However, the librarian at UVA came up empty handed. 

Does anyone know where I can find the original microfilm? Or better yet, does anyone have a PDF of the original MS that they can share? I already have access to at least three different editions (Tucci, Levi, and Pandey), but I wish to examine scans of the original MS itself. 

I have searched worldcat using several titles and keywords but I have had no luck.

Thank you for your help. 


Westin Harris
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Sarva Mangalam.
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