[INDOLOGY] "The Age of the Unicorn, Brought to You by IIT Kharagpur"

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[FYI: this is related to these other recent developments from the same
institute on the same topic:

   - IIT-Kharagpur calendar calls Aryan invasion a myth

   - With IIT Kharagpur Calendar, the Hindutva Right Takes Another Step
   Away From Science


   - *The unicorn as a symbol of a Vedic rishi is among the four “decisive
   evidences” the sages of IIT Kharagpur have presented in a 2022 calendar,
   whose stated purpose is to rebut the “Aryan invasion myth”.*

   - *The calendar has been produced under the auspices of the newly
   inaugurated Centre of Excellence for Indian Knowledge Systems at IIT
   Kharagpur, headed by Prof. Joy Sen.*

   - *Even though this calendar has thrust IIT Kharagpur into the news, the
   so-called “Indian Knowledge Systems” already have a home in IIT
   Gandhinagar, and IIT Kanpur may be next in line.*

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