[INDOLOGY] a saṃdhi problem

Raffaele Torella raffaele.torella at uniroma1.it
Wed Dec 21 22:26:12 UTC 2022

Dear Colleagues,
taking up again a long overdue work, the critical edition of Vāmanadatta’s Saṃvitprakāśa and Ātmasaptati (Kashmir, X c.), I have met with this śloka:

sṛṣṭau sthitau ca saṃhāre *kasya cādhyakṣaśeṣatām |
mahāvibhūtyabhinnasya vāsudevasya te viduḥ || 112 ||

The only way to make sense of it would be to emend kasya (found in all mss.) to ekasya, which however would imply the loss of the e- (of ekasya) in front of the -e (of saṃhāre). Are there more cases of this (anomalous) saṃdhi? It is to be taken into account that Vāmanadatta’s Sanskrit is always flawless, so we are not allowed to hypothesise any carelessness or ārṣa form. 

Waiting for your hints..

Prof. Raffaele Torella
Emeritus Professor of Sanskrit
Sapienza University of Rome

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