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Dear colleagues,

(apologies for cross-posting). This is to inform you of a new 
publication from the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press that you may 
find interesting:

Ernst Prets (ed.): "Transmission and Tradition : Quotations, Paraphrases 
and Allusions in Texts on Indian Philosophy."

The ten contributions to this collected volume are based on papers that 
were presented at the symposium “Transmission and Tradition – The 
Meaning and the Role of ‘Fragments’ in Indian Philosophy,” which was 
held at Shinshu University in Matsumoto, Japan, as an Austrian–Japanese 
cooperation. Drawing on the rich intertextuality of premodern Indian 
intellectual culture, the papers conduct in-depth investigations into 
philological and historical problems raised by textual ‘fragments’, by 
passages that record or represent works lost in their entirety. They 
also problematize the notion of the ‘fragment’ itself. Contributions 
range across various religio-philosophical traditions, including 
Buddhism, Nyāya and Mīmāṃsā, and also develop methodological guidelines 
for the systematic collection, assessment and presentation of fragments.

The volume includes papers by Ernst Steinkellner, Horst Lasic, Ernst 
Prets, Shinya Moriyama, Yasutaka Muroya, Toshikazu Watanabe, Kei 
Kataoka, Taisei Shida, Hideyo Ogawa, and Crhistian Ferstl.


With best regards, Birgit Kellner

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