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The book and article Madhav refers to can be downloaded from:

Phonetics in Ancient India, W.S. Allen

APhonemic Interpretation of Visarga, A. H. Fry

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> Here are some scholarly deliberations on visarga versus parasavarṇa in
> Sanskrit:
> W. S. Allen (1953: 51):
> "In later, though still ancient, times there appears to have been a
> tendency for -*ḥ* to extend its usage to contexts other than in pausa.
> The earliest of these extensions was to the position before the initial
> fricatives *ś, ṣ**, s,*
> where it replaced the homorganic final *ś, ṣ, s* (*indraśśūraḥ **> indraḥ
> śūraḥ*, &c). This practice was then extended to the position before the velar
> and labial voiceless stops: in connexion with this innovation we find
> mentioned the names of  Āgniveśya, Vālmīki, Śākalya, and the Mādhyandina school,
> whilst the ancient grammarian Śākaṭāyana is quoted as holding to the more
> conservative practice."
> Allen also refers to A. H. Fry’s (1941) view that “the spread of *-ḥ* was
> due to the writers of Classical Sanskrit operating with a phonemic
> orthography.”
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