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The gandhari.org site and the Journal of Gandhāran Buddhist Texts (JGBT) articles on the Gandhāran Buddhist Texts (GBT) site are entirely complementary. Gandhari.org is an invaluable resource for Gandhari scholars, whilst the GBT site is the published output of a collaboration platform that embeds scholarly editions within framing content, with translation, Sanskrit chāyā, glossary, structural analysis and paleography report aimed at engaging a wider audience, such as those with command of Sanskrit and those interested in Buddhist Studies and Gandharan Studies more broadly.

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Dear Madhav,

it may also be worth pointing out that Andrew Glass and I have been providing a “fully interactive digital edition” of the same manuscript on Gandhari.org since 2009, as part of our complete corpus of Gāndhārī texts:


Any similarities to that of Mark’s version are owed to the fact that he uses the same underlying software, which we made availabe for general use in 2017:


This software is now also being used for original work on different source material in a range of scripts and languages.

For actual discussions of the manuscript in question, one still has to refer to traditional article and book publications. This is primarily Rich’s 2008 edition, but there have also been several briefer references to it in subsequent publications, which are all tracked by Andrew and me in our Bibliography on Gandhari.org.

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