[INDOLOGY] NGMCP images and copyright law

Roland Steiner steiner at staff.uni-marburg.de
Thu Apr 14 11:02:31 UTC 2022

Dear Dominik,

As far as I know, initially there was actually a regulation that while  
any user was allowed to view the Nepal films in the Berlin State  
Library, copies would only be made available to scholars from Germany,  
Austria and Switzerland (and later to all scholars working in these  
countries). All other scholars were referred to the Nepalese side at  
that time.

Since March 2014, however, there have been new regulations, which can  
be downloaded from the DMG website:


Accordingly, "copies/digitised copies" may be made and used for  
research purposes, regardless of the nationality or place of work of  
the researcher. However, editing of texts based on these microfilms is  
only allowed with the permission of the National Archives in Kathmandu  

Best regards,

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