[INDOLOGY] NGMCP images and copyright law

Harry Spier vasishtha.spier at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 23:02:37 UTC 2022

Dear everyone,
My understanding from whats been said  both on-list and off-list.

1) The NGMPP /NGMCP project is based on an agreement between the Nepalese
government and the DMG (German Oriental Society). This agreement only
allows the DMG to supply copies to their own members unless permission is
granted from the Nepalese government.

So presumably copies obtained by the DMG or from the DMG  by its members
cannot be published on the internet.

2) But in the past, copies of manuscripts from the project could be
obtained by non DMG members in Kathmandu . (I've been told that has now
become difficult?)  Presumably copies obtained in that manner (unless
something was signed by the purchaser to say otherwise) would be governed
solely by international copyright law and by the Nepalese copyright act of
*Paragraph 14(5) of which states:  The economic and moral right of a work
relating to applied art and photographic work shall be protected until
twenty-five years from the year of preparation of such work.*

So presumably copies of NGMCP manuscripts photographed before 1997, if
obtained from Kathmandu, would be in the public domain and the purchaser
could publish them on the internet like any other public domain photograph
or book (unless that purchaser signed something to say otherwise).

Harry Spier

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