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Dear list members,
The following 12 etexts (listed below with brief comments by Mark S.G.
Dyczkowski) have been added to the Muktabodha searchable etext library.
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 1)* Nityakarmavidhi*
One of the few examples of Kashmiri smārta ritual manuals. It presents, as
its name tells us, the ritual procedure to be followed on a regular daily
basis. It is attributed to the Kashmiri Laugākṣi who is identified with
author of the Laugākṣgṛhyasūtra. Compilled by Keśava Bhaṭṭa, a late 19th
century Kashmiri who published several liturgical works. Amongst the
*stotra*s that constitue the second half is the Śivastuti, better known as
the Bhairavastava by Abhinavagupta.

2) *Prāsādacandrikā*
>From IFP transcript T0093. The colophon attributes it to Jñānaprakāśa the
elder. Deals with a series of yogic ascents, the stations of which are
variously marked.

3) *Prāsādaṣaṭślokīvyākhyā*
>From IFP transcript T00469. Six verses describing kuṇḍalinī and her

4) *Sanatkumāratantra*
A Vaiṣṇava tantra. Probably a late work of possibly Bengali origin. Teaches
a program of daily worship focusing on the morning rites.

5) *Sidhāntasārapaddhati*
>From NGMCP manuscript 5-743/vi śaivatantra 2003 Reel no: B 28/19. Ascribed
to King Bhojadeva. From an old palm leaf manuscript from Nepal which,
although undated indicates the texts early date. If the text was indeed
compiled in the 11th century, as it could well be, this would be a rare
example of an early śaiva liturgical manual.

6) *Spandapradīpikā* by the vaiṣṇava Bhagavadutpala a commentary on the
Spandakārikā edited by Mark Dyczkowski.

7)*Svātantrayadīpikā* by ṁānasarāma
>From a manuscript. Summary of the main tenents of Kashmiri śaivism by
Mānasarāma the grand teacher of Swami Lakṣmanjoo. It is written in the form
of short aphorisms on which the author himself comments.

8) *T**roṭalottara*
>From NGMCP manuscript 5-4844 reel no: B 126/15
A Gāruḍa tantra.

9) *V**irūpākṣapaṇcaśikā*
published by Travanacore Government Press, 1910, edited by T. Ganapati
A work steeped in the pratyabhijñnā but most probably a work from South

10) *Yogacintāmaṇi *by śivānanda
>From NGMCP manuscript 1-1337 reel no: B 39/5
A compilation of citations from works dealing with yoga on which the author

11) *Muṇḍamālātantram I*
This and the following text Muṇḍamālātantram II were transcribed from an
edition by Rasika Mohana Caṭṭopādhyāya published in Calcutta at the end of
the 19th century in Bengali script. These two texts are quite different
texts but largely coincide in their contents and concerns and belong to the
same period.

12) *Muṇḍamālātantram II*
Same comments as for Muṇḍamālātantram I.

Thank you,
Harry Spier
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