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Dear Roland,
Thanks for these details which were not yet easily accessible when I
collected my information a few years back.
Soon I will have access to Agnes Stache-Weiske's study and read more on the
pages you mention.

On Thu, 16 Sept 2021 at 00:42, Roland Steiner <steiner at staff.uni-marburg.de>

> Dear Jan,
> I have no research of my own to show here, but only reproduce the
> results of Agnes Stache-Weiske's study. According to her exposition,
> foreigners, Germans in particular, were specifically recruited in the
> years of the founding of the city of St. Petersburg, where Germans
> soon formed the largest foreign population group. Among the
> foreigners, the merchants belonged to a separate group. Since the
> German merchants were not considered as a unit, but were named after
> their cities of origin (Hamburg, Lübeck, Rostock, etc.), the English
> merchants formed the largest group in the 18th century, followed by
> the Dutch (op. cit., p. 386).
> The first "Böhtlingk" who came to St. Petersburg - possibly in 1713 -
> was Otto's great-grandfather Peter, who was baptized in Lübeck on
> 15.6.1689. Together with the Dutch merchant Abraham van Limburg, Peter
> Böhtlingk had a trading house in St. Petersburg since 1720 at the
> latest. Their trading house "van Limburg & Bohtlingk" is mentioned as
> one of the nineteen Dutch merchant houses located there at that time.
> Peter Böhtlingk therefore joined the Dutch merchant community and not
> that of his hometown Lübeck (op. cit., p. 387).
> Although Peter Böhtlingk belonged to the Dutch merchant community, he
> was a member of the German Evangelical Lutheran congregation in St.
> Petersburg. The German Protestants had already received the right to
> establish their own church in 1704, even before the Dutch, English or
> French congregations. Peter Böhtlingk held the office of a
> churchwarden and was also the church elder of the St. Petri Church.
> His first wife was the daughter of the churchwarden Johann Sigfried
> Snettler; after her death Peter married Katharina Feldhusen, who came
> from a German merchant family (op. cit., pp. 389 f.).
> Best,
> Roland Steiner


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