[INDOLOGY] Nine new tantric etexts added to the Muktabodha digital library

Harry Spier vasishtha.spier at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 02:16:03 UTC 2021

Dear list members,
On behalf of the Muktabodha Indological Research Institute, I am pleased to
announce the following nine tantric etexts have been added to the
Muktabodha searchable etext library.

The texts listed below with brief descriptions from the notes of Mark S.G.

1) advayavajrasaṁgraha This consists of a series of short tracts
concerning the basic tenets of the philosophical and yogic foundation
of the
Buddhist mahāyāna especially the Vajrayāna of the anuttarayoga class.
The similarities with what is loosely called
Kashmiri śaivism are unmistakable and fascinating. It has accordingly
been placed in this collection of śaiva etexts.
2) anuttaraprakāśapañcāśīkā by adinātha From KSTS volume 13.

3) bāsavapurāṇa attributed to śrībādarāyanamahaṛṣi

An important text for Vīraśaiva liṅgāyats. An extended narrative of
the life and exploits of Bāsava.
4) dāśarathīyatantramA vaiṣṇava tantra focused on the worship of rāma.
Not many tantras focus on the worship of rāma.
This is the most extensive one to date.
5) gorakṣaśatakaA short yogic tract attributed to Gorakṣanātha.
6) kamalānamnī tripurasundarīpaddhati
7) mahābhairavapūjā A Nepalese *paddhati* for the worship of
ākāśabhairava who has a large temple in Kathmandu.
8) makuṭottararahasya IFP transcript T00164. This is the third chapter
(spanda) of the makuṭottararahasya.
It is called  mantrayogoddhāra – ‘the extraction of mantra and the
conjunction (of its letters).’
It a description of how to draw a Yantra called śrīsabhā and the
placement of the deities around the central couple,
 that is, the dancing Siva as Cidambara and his consort.
9) nādānusandhāna
A tract on the yoga of the unstruck sound.

Harry Spier
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