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Dr. Debabrata Chakrabarti dchakra at hotmail.de
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Dear List,
I am perhaps presenting myself behind time. This is due to my long illness.  However, I want to make it known that I collected some information regarding Narendranath Laha/Law and my source was:
Samsad Bangali caritabhidhan, 1976. The Chief Editor was Subodhkumar Sengupta, a renowned profeesor  of English, Presidency College. A very rigid person in terms of correctness and insight.
Narendranath Laha (Law is an anglicised form of Laha) –b. in Calcutta 1293 (BS)-1885/86 d. 29.7.1372 (BS) –i.e. 29 Kartik, 1372 – 15th November, Sunday, 1964. He was the son of a very rich person named Hrishikesh Laha. He passed M.A. from Presidency College,  got Premchand-Raychand  scholarship in 1916 and was awarded PhD in 1922. He was an erudite scholar of all branches of knowledge, particularly in Indology He published 18 books in English and Bengali. He was, for a long time, editor of Indian Historical Quarterly, Suvarna Vanik Samachar (He belonged to the caste Suvarna Banik who were businessmen class or Vaishya) and Sahitya Parishad Patrika. He was for sometime  President of History Congress. His important books are Bharate Shiksha Vistar (Spread of Education in India), Prachin Hindu Dandaniti (Ancient Indian Law of Punishment), Deshvidesher Rashtriya Kathamo (Structure of states in India and abroad) Studies in Ancient Indian Polity, etc.
He also became successful in business.  Apart from his family business he was Managing Director of Bangashree Cotton Mill, Calcutta, Chairman of United Bank of India, President of Chamber of Commerce, Sherif of the city of Calcutta and one of the representatives of the first and second round table coference in England.
 I am attaching  a clipping from the book Samsad Bangali Caritavidhan.
Kindest Regards
Debabrata Chakrabarti

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