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Dear Colleagues,

Registration is still open for The Sanskrit Library's three new courses beginning from 6, 12, and 18 September.  The Introductory Sanskrit course features the debut of Web-based Sanskrit homework exercises.

CG20. Introduction to the Pāṇinian tradition, beginning 18 September.
This course offers an overview of the architecture of Pāṇini’s Aṣṭādhyāyī as well as an introduction to the whole Indian grammatical tradition.

US101a. Introductory Sanskrit Ia, beginning 12 September.
This is the first of four courses Ia--b, IIa-b, offered in four quarters over the coming year that presents a linguistically rich introduction to Sanskrit equivalent to a first-year graduate course.  In this course, we are excited to roll-out sophisticated automated exercises that provide immediate feed-back to students while doing their homework.  The Web-based exercises avoid the doubt and frustration that students feel from flipping pages in dictionaries and grammar books by using cutting-edge software to provide glossary access via a flex-search interface, error-highlighting, linked help pages, etc.

UP113. Introductory Sanskrit Ia. Kirātārjunīya sarga 1, beginning 6 September.
This coures reads the first canto of the Kirātārjunīya, one of the Sanskrit Mahākāvyas, applying traditional oral methods of thoroughly analyzing the prosody, grammar and syntax of each verse.

For the details of the Sanskrit Library courses offered this autumn please click here.
https://www.sanskritlibrary.org/coursesnow.html <https://www.sanskritlibrary.org/coursesnow.html>

For an overview of the Sanskrit Library courses with links to all planned course offerings please click here.
https://www.sanskritlibrary.org/courses.html <https://www.sanskritlibrary.org/courses.html>

Yours sincerely,

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