[INDOLOGY] Additional call for proposals, XIXth IABS Conference, Seoul 2022

Christoph Emmrich christoph.emmrich at utoronto.ca
Thu Sep 2 15:57:15 UTC 2021

Forwarded on behalf of Professor Eun-su Cho, Convener of the XIXth Conference of the International Association of Buddhist Studies

Subject: [IABS2022] New Call for Proposals

Dear All:

We are currently in the process of revising the program for the 19th IABS Congress, to be held on 14-19 August 2022. As is to be expected given the two-year delay of this event, the final program will not be exactly the same as the program we had planned for August 2020. For a variety of reasons, three of the originally scheduled panels and at least 11 of the accepted papers have had to be withdrawn. (We have yet to hear back from the presenters of 4 of the originally scheduled papers.) Consequently, we are now issuing a new call for proposals. If you are not already scheduled to be on a panel or present a paper at the Congress, please consider proposing a panel or a paper for our revised program. And if you are already on the program but know of others who may be interested in submitting a proposal, please bring this to their attention. We are sure that in the intervening two years since our original call for proposals, exciting new work has emerged, work that deserves a hearing at the next IABS Congress.

Panel Proposals

The Planning Committee invites scholars wishing to conduct a collaborative research project and share its results to submit Panel proposals to us. We can accept up to 3 new Panels. Those interested in organizing a Panel should provide a 200-word description of the proposed topic, along with a list of contributors. For a list of the Panels already on the program please consult http://iabs2020.snu.ac.kr/academic-program/. Please bear in mind that a Panel contributor cannot appear elsewhere in the Congress program, whether on another Panel or as presenting a paper in one of the Sections. We would particularly like to encourage proposals that enhance opportunities for younger scholars to present their work. Please send your Panel proposal directly to iabs2020 at snu.ac.kr. Proposals will be accepted until 15th October.

Individual Paper Proposals

Those who wish to contribute a paper to one of the announced 22 sections are requested to upload abstracts to the Congress website at http://iabs2020.snu.ac.kr/submission/, indicating your proposed Section. A complete list of the thematic Sections for the Congress may be found at http://iabs2020.snu.ac.kr/academic-program/. But note that the following Sections are currently fully subscribed: 3, 4, 10, 11, 13, 14, 20. Paper proposals that would best fit under the themes of one of those Sections are not likely to be accepted. Sections currently having one or more vacancies are:  Sections (1) Abhidharma Studies, (2) Buddhism and Its Relation to Other Religions, (5) Buddhism in the Contemporary World, (6) Buddhism in the Himalayas, (7) Buddhist Art and Architecture, (8) Buddhist Ethics, (9) Buddhist Hermeneutics, Scholasticism, and Commentarial Techniques, (12) Buddhist Metaphysics and Epistemology, (15) Gender in Buddhism, (16) Mahāyāna Buddhism), (17) Mahāyāna Sūtras, (18) Manuscripts, Codicology, and Epigraphy, (19) Meditation Theories and Practices, (21) Tibetan Studies, and (22) Vinaya Studies. Paper proposals/abstracts should be no more than 500 words, and should indicate under which thematic Section the paper should be considered. Abstracts will be accepted until 15th October.

Please email us if you have any questions regarding this new call for proposals. We look forward to receiving your proposals.

Sincerely yours,

Eun-su Cho, Chair, Planning Committee of the XIXth IABS Congress

escho at snu.ac.kr


Christoph Emmrich
Associate Professor, Buddhist Studies
General Secretary, IABS
Director, Centre for South Asian Studies
at the Asian Institute, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy
Chair, Numata Program UofT/McMaster
University of Toronto

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