[INDOLOGY] Question about a copper plate

Anna Slaczka annamisia at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 19 10:20:31 UTC 2021

Dear Colleagues,

I came across a small copper plate from India (approximately 18 cm in length) with an image of an elephant engraved on it. On the back of the elephant there is a ‘cloth’ with checkered pattern with in each square a Devanagari letter (too worn out to read them all) and on top there is something more, perhaps a figure holding a banner (I might be horribly wrong). A few more single letters and even a longer word and a number (25) are ‘scattered’ around the elephant. Please see the photograph. The back of the  plate is not decorated.
Does any of you even seem something like that and know perhaps wat it is, and what was it used for? A (card) game perhaps?

Many thanks and with best wishes,

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