[INDOLOGY] update on Skrutable

Tyler Neill tyler.g.neill at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 20:38:30 UTC 2021

Dear list members,

I have a few updates on my project Skrutable. There's still plenty of room
for more improvement, but I figure I shouldn't keep silent until I think
it's perfect.

The current project is now at skrutable.info. I also added a sound player
for recognized meters, with support for multiple voices/styles
<https://www.skrutable.info/reciters>, e.g. check out this mālinī
<https://www.skrutable.info/ex3>. Thanks to those who gave permission to
use not-yet public sound files. 🙏

I also expanded the connection to the DSAL Apte online dictionary. Namely,
I added a button that turns separate words in the input into hyperlinks for
searching the dictionary. The way I typically use it is to run the splitter
on a chunk (e.g. verse or paragraph) I'm interested in, use the swap
buttons to change output to input, manually truncate/change any words I
know won't be found in the dictionary otherwise (e.g., arthaiḥ > artha,
buddhyā > buddhi), and then generate the list of links. I find it a nice
help when I'm reading.

When I finally get around to creating instructional videos, I'll post
again. Feedback is welcome in the meantime.

Best wishes,
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