[INDOLOGY] Book on the Śibi myth

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Since Herman and Asko read my mother tongue, I may add this curiosum:

P. van Andel et al., Koning Sivi en doctor Silva: bijdragen uit boeddhologie en oftalmologie, Groningen 1989.

Best wishes,

Arlo Griffiths

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Dear Herman,

You must have been thinking of this book:

Meisig, Marion, 1995. König Śibi und die Taube. Wandlung und Wanderung eines Erzählstoffes von Indien nach China. (Studies in Oriental religions, vol. 35.) Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag. ix, 271 pp.

See also:

Sudyka, Lidia, 2015. Generosity at the limits: The King Śibi story and its versions in the historical and cultural context of Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Pp. 416-440 in: Tiziana Pontillo, Cristina Bignami, Moreno Dore and Elena Mucciarelli (eds.), The volatile world of sovereignty: The vrātya problem and kingship in South Asia. New Delhi: D. K. Printworld.

Best wishes, Asko

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Dear List members,
I am searching for a particular publication on the Śibi myth. I am interested in it in connection with the Cōḻa dynastic history. I remember having seen announced sometime back a book on Śibi similar to, for instance, Adalbert Gail's Paraśurāma. Brahmane und Krieger (Harrassowitz). If it exists, I can't trace it. So perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me. I hope someone on the list can enlighten me (on the book or the state of my memory).
With kind regards, Herman

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