[INDOLOGY] Auvaiyar monument in Chennai - authorship

Jan Filipský filipsky at orient.cas.cz
Sun Mar 28 10:47:29 UTC 2021

Dear List members,

as most of you are doubtless aware, the picturesque seashore promenade in
Chennai (Madras) known as Marina Beach is embellished by numerous statues.
Many of them were erected in January 1968  as memorials  of icons of Tamil
literature (including Avvaiyar, Tiruvalluvar, etc.) to mark the Second World
Tamil Conference, organized by then DMK government of C. N. Annadurai. 

Whereas the authorship of some statues is well-known, e.g., Debi Prasad Roy
Choudhury  <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_British_Empire> MBE
(1899-1975) - Triumph of Labour, Gandhi -  the sculptor of Auvaiyar/Avvaiyar
remains, at least for me and my colleagues, obscure. There are some
indications that the famous artist S. Dhanapal (1919-2000), who studied at
the Government School of Arts and Crafts under the tutelage of D.P.R.
Choudhury, has sculpted Auvaiyar, but the hard evidence that he was the
author of the Marina monument is missing. 

I therefore hope that the collective genius of the list will help and
somebody knowledgeable would be kind enough to identify the sculptor, the
material of the "composite" statue depicting at least three poetesses by the
same name from various epochs, and the size (height) of the artefact, if

With many thanks, Jan Filipsky, Oriental Institute, Praha  



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