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Christophe Vielle christophe.vielle at uclouvain.be
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Dear Dominik,

(I repeat Biswas references since the slide did not reach me)

I would be also interested to get a scanned copy of Biswas 0996,  this "Catalogue of manuscripts in Grantha Library attached to Sanskrit College, Trippunitura, Kerala, by K. Rama Pisharoti" appearing to corrrespond to  the hand-written catalogue in Malayalam script preserved in the Library itself, that visitors (like you and me) once saw there.
Biswas 0995 corresponds indeed with the (preserved at the) NCC 'Trippunittura' hand-lists: "Five hand-lists of collections of manuscripts in Trippunittura, Cochin, Kerala State, containing respectively 1839, 353, 211, 43 and 33 manuscripts.

I & II Lists — of mss. in the Palace Library.

III List — of mss. in the Puliyannur Mana. Same as Puliyannur Mana.

IV List — of mss. in the Vadakkedattu Mana.

V List — of mss. belonging to Ayurvedavidvan T. Kunchu Varier."

And so you put the EFEO copy of the List I-II (mss. of the Palace which must be now in the Sanskrit College library) at its right place in your repository.

The catalogue of the microfilms which were once made by the National Mission for Manuscripts is still available on the IGNCA website:
http://ignca.gov.in/mss/Kerala_ShriRam_Verma_Govt_Sanskrit_College_Tripunithura.pdf <http://ignca.gov.in/mss/Kerala_ShriRam_Verma_Govt_Sanskrit_College_Tripunithura.pdf>
In this case it nearly corresponds to the whole collection of the Trippunithura Sanskrit College Library (without the transcripts and the addenda, see below).

To the list III-V (the fate of these private collections of manuscripts remaining uncertain) and Biswas 0997 (mss. in the Uzhuttara Variyar , Trippunithura, that you provide), one can add now four "lists of manuscripts/transcripts newly identified" published in C.M. Neelakandhan ed., Sanskrit Tradition of Trippunithura, Trippunithura, Centre for Heritage Studies - Hill Palace, 2009, pp. 168-184 (I can copy the pages for your repository): three private collections nearby Trippunithura (Ernakulam and Alwaye) and one collection now included in the Sanskrit College one.

>From this interesting book, I attach here a copy of the introductory pages about the Sanskrit College collection (by the "editor", viz. C.M. Neelakandhan).

Best wishes,

> Le 22 mars 2021 à 23:14, Dominik Wujastyk <wujastyk at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Biswas records the following two finding-aids for the library of the Government Sanskrit College in Trippunitura (near Kochi and Ernakulam).
> Does anyone have a scan of any of this material, by chance?  0995 probably only exists at the NCC project at the U. Madras.   But 0996 may have been published.
> I visited this library some years ago, and saw their hand-written ledger / accessions list.  But I was searching for a specific item, and it didn't occur to me to do more.
> Best,
> Dominik
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