[INDOLOGY] Some assistance

Olivelle, J P jpo at austin.utexas.edu
Fri Mar 19 17:50:36 UTC 2021

I feel somewhat stupid, but I have a citation in a book I am editing and I had traced it to “Śikṣāgrantha 31.7”. But for the life of my I cannot trace this book in my computer!! Would anyone have some idea about it? The two verses cited from it are:

तथा शिक्षायाम् ।
छन्द: पादौ तु वेदस्य हस्तौ कल्पोऽथ पठ्यते ।
शिक्षा घ्राणं तु वेदस्य मुखं व्याकरणं स्मृतम् ॥
ज्योतिषामयनं चक्षुर्निरुक्तं श्रोत्रमुच्यते ।
तस्मात् साङ्गमधीत्यैव ब्रह्मलोके महीयते ॥ इति । 

Thanks for your help.


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