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There are a number of important reports on such institutions in the
nineteenth century, the best known being Adam's reports on Bengal
(discussed by DiBona and by Baber) and Leitner for the Panjab and Parulekar
for Bombay.  There are important reports too by Campbell, Thornton,
Parulekar, Hunter and others. Ward talks about Benares.  I found Whitehead
a good overview

Adam, William. Adam’s Reports on Vernacular Education in Bengal and Behar,
Submitted to Government in 1835, 1836 and 1838, with a Brief View of Its
Past and Present Condition by …\ {J}{.} Long. Calcutta: Home Secretariat
Press, 1868. https://tinyurl.com/ydraydyc.

Adam, Willam. Third Report on the State of Education in Bengal Including
Some Account of the State of Education in Behar and a Consideration of the
Means Adapted to the Improvement and Extension of Public Instruction in
Both Provinces. Calcutta: G. H. Huttmann at Bengal Military Orphan Press,
1838. ark:/13960/t0vq2v92w

Baber, Zaheer. The Science of Empire: Scientific Knowledge, Civilization,
and Colonial Rule in India. Albany: State University of New York Press,

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Translations from Their Principal Works., 5 ed. Madras: Higginbotham.

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Part I: India.” History of Education, History of Education, 34, no. 3
(2005): 315–29. https://doi.org/10.1080/00467600500065340.

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> Dear friends,
> Might any of you be able to point me to good sociological or
> anthropological studies - or sound personal testimonies - of programs of
> study in traditional mathas and pathasalas? Or other institutionalized
> settings in which Sanskrit learning was cultivated?
> I am not interested in work on renunciate communities that does not engage
> rather precisely with the question of formal education.
> with thanks in advance,
> Matthew
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